SWPL: Can Celtic pip Rangers to clinch first title? (2024)

SWPL: Can Celtic pip Rangers to clinch first title? (1)Image source, SNS

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Twelve months ago, Celtic were seconds away from their first SWPL title.

The champagne was iced, the party tunes picked, and the green and white ribbons adorned the trophy which league managing director Fiona McIntyre was hurtling with towards Celtic Park.

Then, the breaks were slammed on, a three-point turn performed, and the direction of travel switched to Ibrox.

Lauren Davidson's last-gasp goal against Rangers in Govan whisked Celtic's hopes away in agonising fashion as Glasgow City celebrated a 16th championship victory.

Fran Alonso's players were left in a state of shock. Despondent on the Parkhead turf, they were unable to comprehend what had unfolded across the city.

That sort of heartbreak can derail a side. Or, as we have seen this season up until now, it has been one that has driven them.

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The final destination of the trophy this campaign is not a given, but this time it's all in Celtic's hands.

Elena Sadiku's team are level on points with Rangers, but with a goal difference 16 ahead of their rivals, the script couldn't be simpler. Win against Hibernian and they're champions.

Yet Rangers will be ready to pounce if Celtic slip up against a Hibs side aiming to send captain Joelle Murray into retirement on a high. For that reason, Celtic know their name is far from already being etched into the silverware.

If what's being served at the top of the table isn't intriguing enough, there's uncertainty aplenty at the foot, too.

Hamilton Accies and Dundee United are in a race to avoid the automatic drop, with the other side offered a top-flight lifeline in the form of the play-offs.

Accies went bottom after the penultimate round of fixtures but have clawed their way out of this precarious position time and time again.

There are no promises Sunday will match the wild nature of last year, but drama is destined to unfold and the BBC has it covered.

History on the horizon

Image source, SNS

After Sadiku - Celtic's first female head coach - lost her opening league game against City, her side trailed then leaders Rangers by six points.

Since that Sunday in January, they have been near-flawless on their charge to the cusp of championship success.

With three draws amid a sea of wins and a particularly impressive post-split unbeaten run, picking up a 26th win of the campaign is all that's needed for this crop of players to write their names in the history books.

Involved in 43 of the 125 goals scored, Amy Gallacher's name will be one of the first scribbled down.

She hobbled off against Hearts in midweek so is a doubt to face her former side Hibs.

What is in no doubt, whether for 60 seconds or 60 minutes, is that Gallacher's former team-mate and Hibs legend Murray will take to the field for one final time.

How she would love to close her glittering chapter with a win. How Rangers would love that too.

Jo Potter and co gifted the former Scotland international a bouquet of flowers on her last encounter. If she and her side manage to cause an upset and leave the door ajar for Rangers, something of greater grandeur should be in the post.

In the event Celtic do drop points to Hibs, Rangers only need to better their result.

So again, the message is simple in both camps. Win, and what happens, happens.

Don't look down...

In similar vein, that's all both Dundee United and Hamilton Accies can do at the bottom.

Accies trail by one point and one goal. Talk about tight.

United picked up that potentially priceless point in an eyebrow-raising draw at Aberdeen on Wednesday to climb out of 12th spot and ensure they hold the cards for the finale.

But the trickiest of tasks await against Motherwell. Paul Brownlie's side have ended the season in scintillating form. A 10-game unbeaten run and 25 post-split goals is no mean feat.

Hamilton Accies will hope their Lanarkshire rivals can extend that run to offer a glimpse of hope, knowing they need a favour from elsewhere.

Bobby Watson's side host Montrose, who they are yet to get the better of this season. There was a complete collapse in March at Links Park, where Accies conceded seven second-half goals.

It dented the goal difference quite considerably, and given how tense it is in the table, that might be one of the results they're left to rue if they can't spark the great escape once more.

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SWPL: Can Celtic pip Rangers to clinch first title? (2024)


When did Celtic last not win a trophy? ›

Celtic's 2-0 Scottish Cup defeat by Rangers at Ibrox on Sunday means they will finish the season without a trophy for the first time since . The year 2010 was the only one of the decade in which Celtic didn't win at least one of the domestic trophies up for grabs – and, of course, over the last .

Who has more trophies Celtic or Rangers? ›

Do Celtic or Rangers have more trophies? The Glasgow rivalry is also about as close as you'll come within elite football: Rangers have 118 major honours to Celtic's 117 trophies. Arguments are inevitably made by fans of both clubs about the prestige and timing of trophies won.

Who has won more Old Firm Rangers or Celtic? ›

Between them the two clubs have won 109 Scottish League championships (Rangers with 55 and Celtic with 54), 76 Scottish Cups (Celtic with 42 and Rangers with 34), and 49 Scottish League Cups (Rangers with 28 and Celtic with 21).

Has a player played for Rangers and Celtic? ›

Miller, who played as a striker, is one of only five post-war players to have played for both Rangers and Celtic. Miller began his career at Hibernian before moving on to Rangers then to the English side Wolverhampton Wanderers, where he won his first career honour, the 2003 First Division play-off final.

Have Celtic ever had more titles than Rangers? ›

As of 2024, Rangers have won 55 titles and Celtic 54, while no other club has won on more than four occasions. No club outside the Old Firm has won the title .

Has a Celtic player ever won the Golden Boot? ›

Season 2000/01 saw Martin O'Neill in charge and Celtic swept to the treble. Henrik scored a total of 53 goals in that campaign, including 35 in the league, a tally which saw him win the Golden Boot Award as Europe's top goalscorer. It was a fitting honour for a great player.

Who has more fans Celtic or Rangers? ›

Celtic's average attendance of 49,697 places them 16th in the world, while Rangers are 18th for pulling in 49,054 fans on average when in the top flight.

Is Celtic the most successful club in Scotland? ›

Major silverware

Celtic and Rangers make up over 67% of the major trophies won by Scottish clubs, with the Ibrox side (118) still two ahead of their Glasgow rivals (116). Beneath them sit Aberdeen on 19, over half of which came under iconic manager Sir Alex Ferguson between 1978 and 1986.

Why are Celtic called The Bhoys? ›

The club's nicknames, "The Bhoys" dates from this era when the team were described as the "bold boys," the additional "h" being added to phonetically represent the Irish pronunciation. In 1967, Celtic became the first British team, and only Scottish team, to have won the European Cup.

What is the Celtic Rangers rivalry? ›

Founded in the late 1800s, both clubs have grown to dominate Scottish football, but their rivalry extends far beyond trophies and titles. It's intertwined with religious, political, and social tensions, making each fixture a loaded event, a reflection of a city's deeply rooted identities.

What religion are the Rangers and Celtic? ›

The very foundations of the two Glasgow football clubs are built on the religious division between Catholicism and Protestantism. Traditionally, Rangers supporters are Protestant while Celtic fans support the Catholic Church.

Can Rangers fans go to Celtic Park? ›

The new allocation would allow about 2,500 Celtic fans at Ibrox Stadium while around 3,000 Rangers fans can travel to Celtic Park. "This will be effective from Scottish Premiership season 2024-25, subject to all necessary requirements being satisfied at both Ibrox and Celtic Park," the SPFL said in a statement.

Who is the American player who plays for Celtic? ›

Cameron Robert Carter-Vickers (born December 31, 1997) is a professional soccer player who plays as a center-back for Scottish Premiership club Celtic. Born in England, he represents the United States national team.

Did Celtic win a trophy in 2003? ›

In season 2003–04 Celtic won a double of the Scottish Premier League championship and the Scottish Cup. They reached the quarter-finals of the Scottish League Cup, and the UEFA Cup after competing in the group stage of the Champions League.

Have Celtic ever won a European trophy? ›

Celtic F.C. The club became the first British team and only Scottish team to date to win the European Cup by defeating Inter Milan in the 1967 final. In more recent years, Celtic reached the 2003 UEFA Cup Final in Seville on 21 May 2003, which they lost 3–2 after extra time to Porto.

How many years in a row has Celtic won the league? ›

Celtic have since gone on to win the Scottish League Championship on 54 occasions, including a run of nine consecutive titles in the 1960s, 1970s and the 2010s, the Scottish Cup 42 times, and the Scottish League Cup 21 times.

How many trophies has Celtic won in the 21st century? ›

21st Century Bhoys… Only 23 years into this century and Celtic have won a staggering 39 major honours. It's truly been a trophy laden era at this wonderful football club.

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