Hibernian: Nick Montgomery sacked - fans' views (2024)

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Hibernian are searching for their sixth manager in four years after Nick Montgomery left after eight months at Easter Road.

We asked Hibs fans if they thought his exit was justified, and who the club's hierarchy should be looking to next.

Your response was immense - and this is just a selection of them...

'The blame is with the board and Kensell'

Paul, Edinburgh: I feel Nick wasn’t given the time to adapt his playing style and bring in what he thought was a team capable of competing in the top four. Sorry to see him go and the board need to take the blame and make sure the correct person is brought in quickly for pre-season.

Graham: Too early in my opinion. He arrived with an excellent reputation. Give the manager a chance to bring in his own players during the summer.

Sandy, Edinburgh: You can’t make an omelette when eggs are rotten. Of the 44 players on Hibs' books I would personally get rid of 23 of them - that leaves 21 worth keeping. Montgomery should have been given the opportunity to choose his own players. Really bad decision by this board. They're the ones who should be gone, not the manager.

Lez: Madness to sack six managers in four years. Players will not feel settled and part of a team when their manager can get sacked at any time. Players need continuity, without it nervousness sets in, so results will always suffer. Look how long it took Alex Ferguson to be a success - probably around five years. Sacking manager after manager is not the answer.

Andy: The blame sits squarely with the board and Ben Kensell in particular. Fans will always have an opinion on who's best suited for the club in terms of footballing pedigree and philosophy but the appointments that have been made since Kensell became CEO have been dire. Time for him to go.

'He didn’t inspire me at all - lacked charisma'

Kenneth: Completely justified sacking; zero signs Montgomery had any real comprehension of the task facing him and his poor coaching team. We need fresh ideas and a complete reset at the club. Will the owners and board be brave enough to grasp the nettle and show some mettle?

Allan: Montgomery didn’t inspire me at all. He lacked charisma and his tactics were not in sync with the talent at his disposal. In many games we had the lion's share of possession, but that was mainly in our own half. We had speed in our forward line but never played to maximise that talent.

Dicky, Edinburgh: Correct decision by the board, he had to go. We are a total embarrassment at the moment. The board have to take a lot of criticism for the sub-standard managers that have been brought in over the last few years. The guy should not have been given the job in the first place.

Scott: I feel sorry for Nick but when the fans have turned on you there isn’t often a way back. For me, I think the problem is and has been for years, the recruitment of wingers and attacking midfielders and not enough of anybody else. Great teams are built on a solid defence. Unless that is fixed Hibs will remain wobbly. Neil Lennon for me.

Anonymous, Livingston: Another poor choice for Hibs manager. He had credentials in Australia, but transitioning to the hurly burly of the Scots game was too slow and naive. Some nice loan signings in Jan gave me and many hope, and we played some nice stuff at times. But ultimately it’s a results business.

Who should Hibs go for now?

Tony, Canada: Absolutely the right call now to give time for a new manager to overhaul the entire squad. Bring back Neil Lennon, and back him to the hilt financially. Give him full rein to build a team, and the sky is the limit.

Anonymous: We need a Scottish manager who understands the game up here. One who can turn players into a team and can develop strengths in players. Moyes is free soon - maybe a good option.

Mike, Fife: Lennon for next manager. The reason - he is a winner and knows the requirements of Scottish football.

Dave, Stirling: Get Derek McInnes in at any cost. Proven, consistent top-six record, experienced and unlike at Aberdeen does now play more attractive football while at the same time knows how to defend a lead! No more rookies required at Hibs.

Disco, London: Please can we experiment with an inexperienced manager who has little knowledge or interest in the Scottish game and is meek in front of the camera. Don't waste time going for someone like McInnes, all he has is a proven track record, intimate knowledge of the Scottish game and a voice that would instil some motivational fear into these wet wipes.

Brian, Edinburgh: Bring back Lennon or Stubbs or better still both. No more young, developing managers - those who think they know a player to develop then sell. Just one that can cope with the majority of players there and not rely on 'guns for hire'.

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Hibernian: Nick Montgomery sacked - fans' views (2024)
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