The most beautiful restaurant terraces in Bern - Bern Welcome (2024)

Breathtaking views as far as the eye can see. Whether it’s a local pub directly on the Aare river or an award-winning restaurant beside a lake, these terraces are the perfect place to enjoy a meal.

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Terrace Restaurant Bay

© Bay Modern Brasserie

Restaurant Bay

«A green culinary oasis in the middle of the city» – that’s the restaurant Bay in one sentence. It’s the very last house in the old town, located in the heart of Bern. However, visitors will not feel the hustle and bustle of the city here. On the contrary: if you walk through the somewhat hidden entrance right next to the Museum of Fine Arts Bern, you will immediately feel as if you were on holiday. This is partly due to the relaxed atmosphere, but also the cheerful greenery of the leaves surrounding the terrace. The delicious dishes on the menu complete the experience. Our tip: order a dessert in the evening and watch the lights of the terrace wrap the place in a magical, golden hue.

Holiday feelings for an evening

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Exterior view of the Fähribeizli terrace

© Fähribeizli


For many river fans, a contemplative ride on the small but enchanting Bodenacker ferry in Muri is just as much a part of summer as some refreshing ice cream. The ferry takes its passengers straight – or more precisely diagonally – to the popular Fähribeizli, a gem of a pub with amazing views in the middle of the fascinating floodplain landscape of Elfenau Park. The signature appetiser platter featuring all kinds of cured meat specialities attracts day-trippers and passers-by. There are also many fresh and light summer dishes on offer. Anyone who likes fish on their plate is guaranteed to have their hearts beat a little faster with the delicious fish crispies with tartar sauce from nearby Rubigen.

On your ferry, get set, go!

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Terrace Restaurant Casa Novo

© Restaurant Casa Novo

Restaurant Casa Novo

A personal atmosphere waits to welcome aficionados of Mediterranean-inspired market cuisine. With their splendid location in a sandstone gem at Läuferplatz square, Dirk Wagner can fulfil your dream of experiencing authentic Mediterranean dishes. The charming terrace right beside the Aare river looks like it just stepped off a film set and has a view to beat all views – which might explain why during the summer its 80 seats are as much in demand as the freshly caught fish featured on the menu. On a balmy summer evening, you’ll be tempted not only by the fine wine from the in-house vinotheque and the delicious tapas, but also by the impressive view of the Untertorbrücke (Untertor bridge).


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Terrace Restaurant Cinématte

© Restaurant Cinématte

Restaurant Cinématte

It doesn't get any closer than this. The small, intimate terrace at Restaurant Cinématte is located less than three steps from the Aare river and could easily pass for a cosy ship's deck if you didn’t know any better. Loyal Cinématte fans also know that even the boldest culinary wishes are fulfilled here. Whether you opt for an à la carte meal or the surprise three-course menu, a journey to the Matte district is worth it just for the gastronomical variety you will discover here. And the fact that the ingredients you find on your plate and the wine in your glass are all Swiss quality products doesn’t hurt either. Even the in-house cinema focuses on selected films that transcend mainstream mass production. A truly cinematic experience on the water.

Time to visit the Matte District!

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Exterior view of the Dampfzentrale restaurant

© Restaurant Dampfzentrale, Weitergabe auf Anfrage

Restaurant Dampfzentrale

Thanks to the Aare flowing directly past the Marzili, this neighbourhood in the south of the city is virtually one big terrace. And when you're sitting outside at Restaurant Dampfzentrale, it feels as if the liquid turquoise treasure valued by all of Bern is part of the restaurant itself. From the terrace, guests not only smell the sizzling delicacies from the in-house grill or smoker, but also the revitalising scent of water, which embodies summer in Bern like nothing else. At Restaurant Dampfzentrale, the "fresh out of the water" feeling lingers even after the sun has long since set and the “mousse au chocolat” for dessert is being savoured spoonful by heavenly spoonful.

Once a thermal power station, now serving exquisite cuisine!

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View terrace Hotel Bellevue Palace

© Hotel Bellevue Palace

Hotel Bellevue Palace

The view matches the name here. The terrace of Hotel Bellevue Palace proudly offers one of the most beautiful views of the city centre. As your gaze sweeps from Marzili along the course of the Aare, from the Gurten mountain to the breathtaking panorama of the Bernese Alps, it almost feels as if it were the perfect backdrop for a film where the credits never end. Whether you choose a classic club sandwich, a trendy poke bowl, or an elegant sushi-sashimi platter, a visit to the Bellevue terrace at sunset belongs on everyone’s summer to-do list. And it's not just the view; the choice of drinks is also filmworthy.

High above Bern

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Old tram depot terrace

© Bern Welcome

Altes Tramdepot

From the famous BearPark, where Bern’s resident brown bears Finn, Björk and Ursina live in a natural enclosure covering 6,000 square metres, it’s just a few steps to the Altes Tramdepot, a restaurant and brewery all in one. Ranging from light and Märzen to wheat varieties, an impressive 3,100 hectolitres of beer are brewed here every year, as evidenced by the huge copper brewing kettles in the middle of the restaurant. The Tramdepot specialities – including beer with soft pretzels, beef tartare or homemade Farmers “Rösti” – taste best on the spacious terrace with a clear view of the Aare river and the rooftops of the Old Town. Finn and Björk aren’t the only ones who rub their eyes in amazement after a sunny afternoon in this gorgeous spot with its unique view.

Perfect if you’re hungry (or thirsty!) as a bear

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Exterior view terrace Restaurant Seeblick

© Restaurant Seeblick

Restaurant Seeblick am Burgäschisee

It pays to come early. Anyone who manages to snag a spot on the terrace at Restaurant Seeblick can enjoy a clear view of Lake Burgäschi. Its 21-hectare surface is shared by the Solothurn municipality of Aeschi to the north and the Bern municipality of Seeberg in the south. Locals and day trippers alike appreciate this recreational area for walking, swimming, fishing, barbecuing, rowing and relaxing, but you must treat it with respect since a large part of the lake's surroundings are a protected nature reserve. Restaurant Seeblick is the perfect place to stop before or after exploring. A glass of good wine, freshly roasted coffee, a crisp salad, specialities from the grill – what more do you need to enjoy and indulge?

Lakeside pleasure Nr. 1

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Exterior view of the Schwarzsee hotel terrace

© Hotellerie am Schwarzsee

Hostellerie am Schwarzsee

The Hostellerie am Schwarzsee hotel on Lake Schwarz doesn’t just boast its own swimming pool – it has its “own” lake right on the doorstep. Just head over the pedestrian crossing and you will enter a bewitching natural idyll filled with meadows and diverse fauna. Even if you prefer not to leave the comfort of the hotel’s restaurant terrace you can still enjoy a breathtaking view of the Fribourg pre-Alpine panorama. The view is even better when you can savour it along with one of the many unique dishes on offer at the Hostellerie. Meat and fish specialities cooked on a hot stone are just as much a part of the menu as wood-fired pizzas or a selection of creative salads.

Lakeside pleasure Nr. 2

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Exterior view of Restaurant Schloss Reichenbach

© Restaurant Schloss Reichenbach

Restaurant Schloss Reichenbach

Finding a baroque castle ambience with a view of the Aare is not as common as pebbles along a riverbed, but luckily for us Restaurant Schloss Reichenbach in Zollikofen is a captivating exception. This jewel set in the middle of lush greenery is located in the castle’s former orangery and is one of the most popular culinary destinations just outside the city. When it comes to the restaurant’s famous fish specialities, true connoisseurs are prepared to make the pilgrimage, no matter the distance. The Reichenau ferry, which has been linking Zollikofen with the Enge peninsula for over 275 years, is a particularly idyllic way to reach the restaurant and is highly recommended in summer.

A castle restaurant with a view

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Brunch terrace Ristorante Bar Lago

© Ristorante Bar Lago

Ristorante Lago

Are we in Hinterkappelen or southern Italy? It’s understandable if Ristorante Lago with its beguiling portion of Mediterranean flair on Lake Wohlen causes some harmless confusion. With dishes such as the house seafood salad, grilled shrimp and “pizza bianca”, the menu promises plenty of culinary dolce vita. The spacious terrace is also a sight to behold and invites you to linger and enjoy the view. The panoramic Bernese Oberland Alps and the flowing water of the Aare headed towards the lake create “la vita è bella” at the “Lago”!


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The most beautiful restaurant terraces in Bern - Bern Welcome (2024)
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