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Welcome. This is RCG.

We deliver custom, independent, objective Data Analytics solutions that enable our clients to define and organize their data, gain insights from their data through Data Models and Analytics, then to put their insights into action in their business strategy and operations.

Business Intelligence

Get the right data, to the right person, at the right time to enable the right decision. Integrate and investigate data on your own to create dynamic and powerful reports.

Simple Analytics

Simple Analytics right on your Laptop or device with minimal complexity, training and costs. Ideal for firms deploying on limited budgets.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Data Modeling to help can reveal future trends from crime, to hospital visits, to your next and best customers with Predictive Analytics.

Data Dashboards

Data Dashboards transform how you communicate data, trends, issues, and opportunities by incorporating graphical displays in your reporting.

Data Management

Identifying, acquiring, managing, optimizing, and processing large amounts of data for analysis and reporting leveraging Cloud technologies and distributed processing.

Hadoop Solutions

Whether you have Hadoop or are looking to optimize, we can help you leverage your data and simplify your Big Data Analytics with Hadoop.

Data Visualization

Powerful, flexible, custom graphical and dynamic displays of your data to better communicate, inform and drive decisions using Tableau, Dashboards, and other technologies.

Data Mining

Like mining for gold, mining for data seeks out nuggets in terms of patterns or anomalies in very large data sets, leveraging automation and machine learning. RCG can help.

Automated Forecasting

Custom, simple, modernized forecasting with a user-friendly GUI puts everything within your reach without projects, tickets, or writing code.

Do you KNOW IT?

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Our Work

Whether a boutique firm or one of the world's largest, RCG delivers game-changing outcomes: Data organization. Data Model creation. Enterprise transformation.

Predictive Data Modeling and Analytics

Predictive Analytics are no longer a luxury, but a requirement to get ahead and stay ahead

                                                   Data Management

Identify, acquire, organize, optimize your data.  Data Management is the cornerstone for Business Intelligence and RCG can help.

                                                Business Intelligence

From Simple Analytics to Advanced Predictive Modeling, Business Intelligence enables you to identify your data, to analyze it, to understand it, to base decisions upon it.  It is your data.  Know it.

Data Visualization

Graphically displaying your data enables rapid understanding and real time decision making.

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